New Priority Service

The PPE Show (Promotional Products Expo) at the start of 2016 saw us launch our Priority Service. It's been up and running for a number of months now and has proved very popular with our customers, helping them out of some tight spots!

Priority Service was born from us listening to our customers and recognising that being able to deliver last minute can be the difference between winning an order or losing it.

The Priority Service features a range of specially selected products available for despatch in just 2 days.* There is also a website for distributors to point their customers to, enabling them to browse all available products, including writing instruments, office promos, power banks, keyrings, bags, drinkware and more, all with print or engrave personalisation. The website shows end user pricing and stock availability for all product colours with downloadable artwork pdf templates.

The feedback we've been getting from customers who have used the service is that it is the perfect tool in their arsenal, helping them meet end user demand and at the same time it gives them that edge, helping them stay ahead of their competitors.

*Terms and conditions apply

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