New 3D Laser Engraving Machine

We're pleased to announce that following a significant investment, our 3D laser engraving machine has now been installed and is ready for production.

We have been engraving for a number of years using standard machines which have produced excellent results. However, marking cylindrical shaped products, although possible using rotary devices, has been a slow and expensive process – until now.

Using new technology the 3D laser engraving machine allows engraving on round, conical and free-form objects in perfect quality as the laser bends around the item without warping logos. The 3D engrave really excels on products such as travel mugs, sports bottles, flasks, torches, keyrings and more. The new technology means the machine can engrave up to 60% of an items diameter.

Chris Nelson from Laltex Promo explained; "When we engraved on travel mugs customers were always a little put off because the standard engraving size on a mug is tiny. Rotary engraving has always been possible but the cost was always prohibitive. This new 3D laser engraving machine allows us to do a significantly larger engraving size at the same price as the standard laser engrave.”

With the new 3D laser engraving machine you get more for your money – it produces complex artwork in perfect quality at record speed, allowing for a considerably larger branding area for round and free-form items and all for the same price as a standard engrave! The Laltex Group are the first company in the UK to have this new machinery.

Click here to view the video.

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