Eco-Friendly Business

At the Laltex Group we consciously assess the impact of our business activities on our people and the environment. We are continually committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner.

IT System

The most recent initiative is an investment in our IT infrastructure. The IT system which has been installed uses up to 30% less energy and carries a 5 star energy efficiency rating. This makes it one of the lowest power consumption systems on the market. The computer system greatly reduces e-waste with a product life expectancy of almost 7 times longer than a typical PC. It has near zero noise output and negligible heat emission, combining to a dramatic reduction of the company’s carbon footprint.

Reducing CO2

2012 saw us roll out a number of initiatives in order to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. The first of these was a lighting initiative to reduce CO². The building is now equipped with new dusk-dawn sensors and the daytime lighting is motion activated. The new lighting system uses 20% less energy and lasts an average of 15 times longer than conventional lamps. The result of which is minimised waste and improved efficiency.

Vehicles and Forklifts

In our commitment to reducing CO² emissions, we have been introducing eco-friendly cars to our fleet vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with start-stop technology, reducing CO² emissions by 25%.

We replaced our old forklift trucks with new low environmental impact models. These new models have extremely low energy consumption and have zero carbon emissions.

Business Pledge

We have signed up to the Environmental Business Pledge and are currently working towards our Bronze Award. The Business Pledge demonstrates our commitment to reducing energy usage, monitoring and reducing carbon footprint, minimising water usage and recycling.

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